Cucumber Recipes


A utility player shoots for versatility on the baseball diamond. A software utility player has aspirations (or at least delusions) of versatility at the keyboard.

What does that mean? Test scripts and embedded software by day, books and mobile apps by night. Sprinkle in a little manic cycling, cooking, parenting, and guitar-…, um, guitar-ing.



Should we do, like, a '50s beat poet freestyle thing here? Three programming books, assorted magazine articles, a couple of toy iPhone apps, various conference appearances, a blog, an old blog, and a string of open source software projects ranging from useless to… marginally useful.

Using JRuby
Scripted GUI Testing With Ruby


Let’s talk. What's your favorite medium? Telephone? Yup, got one of those. +1 503 941 0109. E-mail? Twitter? @undees. Some other social thingy? Hit or miss. Tin cans? String keeps breaking.